Sense. Analyze. Act.

TagTrack customers report an average increase in efficiency of 30% after incorporating our process tracking solutions.

Do more with data

TagTrack is a system of products that seamlessly connect business processes, and empower your workforce with data driven insights.

Universal Edge Devices

Our gateway hardware seamlessly integrates with your equipment, assets, and processes.

Indoor Positioning and Asset Tracking

Know where your assets are, when you need them with TagTrack’s RFID systems.

Driving Action with Data

Real time data enables your workforce to act, making the most of every minute, and every resource.

Fitting in with what you already use

Getting data into your enterprise software couldn’t be easier. Our dedicated engineering team works with you to make integration effortless.

Trusted By

Hardware + Software + Networking

Custom IoT Hardware

Our line of flexible gateway products are designed for any application no matter how challenging.

Supports every interface

Whether its bluetooth, serial, or anything in between we have a gateway to connect your device to TagTrack

Tried and True

Kickstart your deployment with proven hardware and networking which puts you months or even years ahead.

Leverage TagTrack’s Team

Having done IoT deployments before, we know a thing or two and can help you navigate the pitfalls.

Made in the USA

Our hardware products are designed, built, tested, and supported in our Ohio office. Having complete product control means superior flexibility, security, and accountability.

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Cellular, Wifi, LoRa, Mesh?

Cellular is not always the best choice, that’s why TagTrack supports connectivity of all devices whether through our global multi-carrier cellular network or via local area networking.

The TagTrack platform is connection-agnostic. This gives you the flexibility to choose different options for individual deployments.

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